Veterinary Assistance Program

Haliburton County is considered a “designated area” by the Ministry of Development and Mines division of the Ontario Government. As such, farm animal owners can join a program which subsidizes mileage costs associated with veterinary care delivery on farm premises. To join please contact the Haliburton County Veterinary Services Committee at


More about the program:

The Veterinary Assistance Program helps maintain a viable livestock industry by supporting farm animal veterinary services in designated (low farm animal population)  areas of Ontario.
The program is administered by the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines in partnership with:
  • Northern Producer Animal Health Network (NPAHN)
  • Designated Area Veterinarians Association (DAVA), and
  • 22 local Veterinary Services Committees (VSC).
Eligible program areas or “designated areas” include areas in Ontario north of and including the County of Renfrew, the County of Haliburton, the Township of Addington Highlands, the Township of Carlow Mayo, the Township of Limerick, the Township of Wollaston, the Township of Georgian Bluffs, the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, and the District Municipality of Muskoka.
Eligible livestock includes horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, rabbits, poultry, bison, deer, and other animals kept in captivity for producing fur, velvet or meat.
The program provides financial assistance to designated farm animal veterinarians for travel to the producer’s premises.