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Animals we frequently see: dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and some birds.

Services include:

Internal medicine - A vast array of medical issues may be causing you and your furry friend issues. We are equipped to diagnose and treat diseases ranging from, but not limited to, parasites, allergies, cancer, as well as eye, ear, kidney, endocrine, liver, muskoskeletal, urinary and cardiopulmonary disease.

Surgery - From spays and neuters to wound repairs, dental procedures and mass removals our approach to surgical intervention is well rounded.

Anesthetics - Our surgical suite is equipped with advanced monitoring equipment to ensure the health and safety of your beloved pet at all times. We offer surgical services under full general anesthetics, and depending on the case, with sedation and local freezing.

Diagnostics - Haliburton Veterinary Services has both ultrasound and x-ray capabilities. We offer in-house blood, urine and fecal testing, as well as cytology, tonometry (eye pressure), EKG and blood pressure measurements. For specialized testing we send out to a variety of certified laboratories.

Preventative medicine - Preventative medicine offers you the opportunity to care for your pet in a proactive manner. We offer vaccines based on risk management, medical assessments, wellness testing, flea, tick and deworming medications, microchipping, as well as nutritional and behavioural consultations.

Emergency medicine - Referral to specialists including opthamologists, radiologists, internal medicine specialists, oncologists and orthopaedic surgeons are provided as needed.

Euthanasia - Euthanasia is a difficult and heart wrenching time for clients. As much as we know we are offering mercy to pets who are suffering, we are also losing the ones we love. In order to try and make this experience a little less difficult we offer the option of in clinic, or if possible, at-home euthanasia. Click to download "Euthanasia of Companion Animals; Client Information".

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