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Useful Resources

Veterinary Partner is a website written by veterinarians for clients. In the age of technology you can find anything online if you look hard enough. Unfortunately it is not always the correct information. We want you to be able to find reliable, easy to understand and scientifically backed information on the conditions involving your pet.

  • Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes: Visit their website or call (705) 878-4618
  • Lakefield Animal Welfare Society: Visit their website or call (705) 652-0588
  • The College of Veterinarians of Ontario: Visit their website or call (519) 824-5600
  • Pet Poison Hotline: Visit their website or call 1-800-213-6680
  • ASPCA Poison Control: Visit their website.
  • Canadian Animal Rehab Services: Visit their website, send an email to them or call 1-800-678-9291
  • Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre: Visit their website or call (705) 741-5000
  • Toronto Wildlife Centre: Visit their website.
  • Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre: Send an email to them or call (613) 354-0264
  • Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary: Visit their website, send an email to them or call (705) 286-1133
  • Northern Producer Animal Health Network: Visit their website.
  • Dead stock / Perconi: Call (705) 439-2421

Haliburton Pet Owners Assistance Fund is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency / charitable number 81251 31740RR0001. The Haliburton Pet Owners Assistance Fund is a Haliburton County-focused charity to assist Haliburton pet owners in need, to help meet the financial burden of emergency, critical or specialty veterinary intervention. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for the pets of owners for whom their pets are a critical part of their emotional support, as well as to enable more humane treatment of animals. Visit their website or send an email to them.

Veterinary Assistance Program: Haliburton County is considered a "designated area" by the Ministry of Development and Mines division of the Ontario Government. As such, farm animal owners can join a government program which subsidizes mileage costs associated with veterinary care delivery to on farm premises.

To apply to the VSP Program please complete the following steps:

1.) The privacy form only needs to be filled out once and submitted to the veterinary clinic. This form does not need to be filled out every year.

2.) Every year the VSP form needs to be filled out by March 31 and submitted with payment either to Amanda Dykstra, or dropped off at the veterinary clinic. If you have been on the program before and submit the form late there is a surcharge. Please see the form for prices.

You must reside in Haliburton County to be eligible to apply to this program. Once you are on the program, it covers your mileage for calls within that membership year.

To join please contact Amanda Dykstra, membership coordinator of the Haliburton County Veterinary Services Committee, by email or call (705) 854-1656.

  • To download the privacy form in PDF format, click here.
  • To download the VSP membership form in PDF format, click here.

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