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Special Case: Patches, an 8 year old Appaloosa

Patches is an approximately 8 year old Appaloosa who was having intermittent chronic diarrhea for several months because of a lack of appropriate bacteria in his gut, a condition known as bacterial dysbiosis. After trying different medication which helped to some extent we decided to try a fecal transfaunation. This is a procedure where we took manure from a healthy horse and put it into Patches to help him colonize his gut with appropriate bacteria! It has now been a few months and Patches is still diarrhea free.

See below for pictures and the basic steps involved in the process.

HVS special case, Patches   HVS special case, Patches   HVS special case, Patches

HVS special case, Patches   HVS special case, Patches   HVS special case, Patches

1.) Select donor horse, collect sample and test to ensure health.
2.) Mix manure with water and blend! This helps to break open the residual hay in the manure and allows that special bacteria to be released.
3.) Infuse through a nasogastric tube (a tube going from the nose into the stomach) over a 3 day period.

Special Case: Avalon

HVS special case, Avalon

Avalon is a 9 year old Koolie. He was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2016. Bone cancer is normally very aggressive, and once diagnosed, animals usually do not have long to live. But Avalon surprised us all. He just surpassed his 2.5 year post-amputation mark and is still doing very well. We are so proud of him and how well he has done!

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