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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I transport my animal to the clinic? All animals arriving to the clinic should either be on leash or in a carrier. The clinic is full of different smells and animals, and although your animal might be used to their normal environment at home, we do not know how they or other animals may react when in this new setting. In order to keep everyone safe we ask that all animals be either leashed or in a carrier when entering the clinic.

What do we do if we find a loose pet? If the pet has a collar on please try and contact the number on their tag. We can also look up the owners information and contact them if the pet has their rabies tag from HVS. If no collar or tag is found, we can scan them for a microchip to try and help find their home.

What do we do if our pet needs medical assistance and we are from out of town? Please give us a call! We are happy to book you an appointment.

We want to start regularly coming to your clinic. What information do you need? We are happy to have you! Please have your previous clinic send us by email or fax a copy of your pets records. This will allow us to know what has been done previously and any history or physical exam findings that were noted. This is very important for us in order to make informed decisions.

What is a VCPR and why is it so important? A VCPR is a veterinarian-client-patient relationship. This is a relationship that is developed between the parties through discussions, consultations and examinations in order to ensure that appropriate medicine is being practised. Without this relationship we cannot legally provide your pet with medical care or prescription medication.

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